Dara Epison

Dara Epison, Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Dara Epison serves as the Program Coordinator for the CSRPC. Dara started her career with the University in 2010 when she joined the Office of the Provost as Program Coordinator for University and Community Arts Collaborations, later moving on to the Office of Civic Engagement as Manager of Cultural and Community Engagement. In these roles, Dara helped to shape the community engagement strategy for the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, the foundation for the Arts and Public Life Initiative, and the program development for and renovation of the Arts Incubator in Washington Park. She studied Art History at the University of Michigan, and, in her free time, enjoys taking advantage of Chicago's cultural offerings. When she's not eating or listening to music at an inappropriate volume, her door is open for business or social calls.