Autumn 2020 CRES Courses


Civilizations Core

CRES 10200-01 Intro to World Music

CRES 10200-02 Intro to World Music

CRES 10200-03 Intro to World Music

CRES 10800-01 Intro to Civilizations of East Asia I

CRES 16101-01 Intro to Latin America Civilization I

CRES 20701-01 Introduction To African Civilization I

CRES 24001-01 Colonizations I

CRES 24001-02 Colonizations I

CRES 24001-03 Colonizations I

CRES 24003-01 Colonizations III

CRES 24003-02 Colonizations III


Introductory Theories*

CRES 12200 Introduction to Critical Race Studies: Historical, Global, and Intersectional Perspectives

CRES 12300 Discovering Anthropology: Reading Race


Advanced Theories**

CRES 22775 Racial Melancholia


CSRPC Sponsored Lectureships

CRES 27535 Whose Hybridity?: “Mixing” Language, Race, and Identity

CRES 27541 Race, Capitalism and the Atlantic World



CRES 17606 American Revolutions 

CRES 18806 Introduction to Black Chicago, 1893–2010 

CRES 20003 Discovering Anthropology: Reading Race

CRES 20233 Race in Contemporary American Society 

CRES 20499 Inequality in Education: Theory, Policy and Practice

CRES 20514 The Sociology of Higher Education

CRES 21000 Race and American Public Schools

CRES 21100 Cultural Psychology 

CRES 22006 Schooling and Social Inequality

CRES 22520 Slavery as a Metaphor in Latin America

CRES 22845 Xenophobia and the Politics of Belonging 

CRES 23005 Education and Social Inequality 

CRES 23807 Toxicity: Body Burdens and Environmental Exposures

CRES 24122 Diasporic Practices in Contemporary Art

CRES 24423 Russian Encounters with Blackness

CRES 25021 The World's  Exposition—Science, Race, Gender, and Music at the 1893 Chicago World Fair

CRES 25320 Debate, Dissent, Deviate: Literary Modernities in South Asia

CRES 25800 Poc (Playwrights Of Color)

CRES 26111 Queer Asias I

CRES 26210 Revised Ecologies For The Black Image 

CRES 26386 Greater Latin America

CRES 26502 Race and Criminal Justice Systems in the US

CRES 26502 Freedom and Slavery in Nineteenth-Century Brazil 

CRES 27401 Literaturas Del Caribe Hispanico En El Siglo Xx

CRES 28000 United States Latinos: Origins And Histories

CRES 28004 The Carceral State in Modern America 

CRES 29000 Latin American Religions, New And Old

CRES 29007 Capitalism and Revolution in the Atlantic World 

CRES 29117 Theater And Performance In Latin America

CRES 32012 Technologies of Race Making, Past and Present (undergrads allowed by consent)


BA Seminar

CRES 29800 


* These courses count toward the "2 courses in theories of race and ethnicity" major requirement.

** These courses count toward the "1 advanced theory seminar" major requirement.