Spring 2021 CRES Courses


Civilizations Core 

CRES 10103 Intro to African Civilization III

CRES 10200-01 Intro to World Music 

CRES 10200-02 Intro to World Music

CRES 10200-03 Intro to World Music

CRES 11000-01 Intro to Civilizations of East Asia III

CRES 16103-01 Intro to Latin American Civilizations-3

CRES 24002-01 Colonizations II

CRES 24002-02 Colonizations II

CRES 24003-01 Colonizations III

CRES 24003-02 Colonizations III

CRES 24003-03 Colonizations III


Introductory Theories*


Advanced Theories**

CRES 22000 Lethal Landscapes, Toxic Worlds: Geographies of Race, Risk, and Contingency


CSRPC Sponsored Lectureships

CRES 27536 The Transatlantic Slave Trade & the Making of the Black Lusophone Atlantic, 1450-1888

CRES 27537 "Poetry for the People”: Global Black Politics and Culture in the Age of Marcus Garvey

CRES 27539 The Politics of Black Queer Feminist Praxis

CRES 27542 Racial Consciousness and the Asian American Perspective



CRES 18702 Race, Politics, And Sports In The United States

CRES 18860 Black Shakespeare 

CRES 18901 Inequality, Politics, And Government In US History

CRES 20104 Urban Structure and Process

CRES 20110 Trans-Saharan Africa

CRES 20513 Beyond Hashtags: Social Movements in Digital Society

CRES 22755 The Idea of Africa 

CRES 24201 Cinema in Africa

CRES 25004 Multicultural Development And Gender

CRES 25323 Tolerance and Intolerance in South Asia

CRES 25500 Pir: Contemporary And Research Applications

CRES 25990 Stereotype Effects On Cognition

CRES 26603 Democracy And The Immigrant In Classical Greek Thought

CRES 27008 Black in the City

CRES 27017 Passing

CRES 27720 Race and Religion in Chicago

CRES 27900 Asian Wars Of The Twentieth Century

CRES 28421 Theater For Social Change

CRES 43400 France and Its Empire

CRES 51515 The Rise of Free Speech: Aesthetics, Politics, and Censorship, 1857-2020 


* These courses count toward the "2 courses in theories of race and ethnicity" major requirement.

** These courses count toward the "1 advanced theory seminar" major requirement.