Winter 2021 CRES Courses


Civilizations Core

CRES 10200-01 Intro to World Music

CRES 10200-02 Intro to World Music

CRES 10200-03 Intro to World Music

CRES 10900 Intro to Civilizations of East Asia II

CRES 16102-01 Intro to Latin American Civilization II

CRES 20802 Introduction To African Civilization II

CRES 24001-01 Colonizations I

CRES 24001-02 Colonizations I

CRES 24002-01 Colonizations II

CRES 24002-02 Colonizations II

CRES 24002-03 Colonizations II


Introductory Theories*

CRES 12100 Contentious Natures: Race, Nature, and Power


Advanced Theories**

CRES 22100 Critical Approaches to Race and Gender: Slavery and Its Afterlives in the Americas

CRES 22730 Decolonizing Anthropology: Africana Critical Theory And The Social Sciences


CSRPC Sponsored Lectureships

CRES 20004 Intro to Asian-American Studies 

CRES 27538 Racial Universalisms

CRES 27540 Slave Abolition and Its Afterlives




CRES 18804 America in the Nineteenth Century

CRES 19880 Inhabiting The Borderlands: Latinx Embodiment In Literature, Art, And Popular Culture

CRES 19980 Trans* Forms: On Gender and Genre 

CRES 20312 The Politics of Mass Incareration 

CRES 21104 Queer Theology and Queer of Color Critique

CRES 21265 The Celts: Ancient, Modern, And Postmodern

CRES 21233 Black Speculative Fiction 

CRES 21275 Theologies from Africa, Asia, and Latin America 

CRES 21348 Anthropology, Criminality, And Transgression

CRES 21388 Are we really all in this together? Facing Climate Change in the Global South

CRES 21405 Inventing Race in the British Empire

CRES 21785 Black In Colonial America: Three Women

CRES 23460 Feeling on the Black Stage

CRES 23607 The Immigrant As American Prototype 

CRES 24601 Martin And Malcolm: Life And Belief

CRES 25002 Feminism, Race, Culture, And Liberation

CRES 25003 Immigration, Law And Society

CRES 25218 American Epidemics, Past And Present

CRES 25790 Psychology Of Race, Ethnicity, And Social Class: Perspectives And Impact 

CRES 26205 American Political Economy And Race

CRES 27322 African American History, 1865–2016 

CRES 27379 Reparations

CRES 28620 Critical Improvisation Studies In Music

CRES 28650 Migrant Words: Belonging and Displacement in Multilingual Writers

CRES 29313 Childhood and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century

CRES 29318 Modern Disability Histories: Gender, Race, and Disability 

CRES 49200 Approaches to Atlantic Slavery Studies

CRES 52802 Politics of Intimacy 


BA Seminar

CRES 29800 


* These courses count toward the "2 courses in theories of race and ethnicity" major requirement.

** These courses count toward the "1 advanced theory seminar" major requirement.