Undergraduate Minor

Minor Program in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies.

The minor in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies consists of 5-7 courses, depending upon whether the two civilizations studies courses are taken for general education.  Credit toward the minor for courses taken at any other institution must be discussed with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in advance of registration.  Students must receive the undergraduate program chair’s approval of the minor program on a form obtained from their College adviser. This form must then be returned to their College adviser by the end of Spring Quarter of their third year. 
Courses in the minor program may not be (1) double counted with the student’s major(s) or with other minors and (2) may not be counted toward general education requirements. Courses in the minor must be taken for quality grades, and more than half of the requirements for the minor must be met by registering for courses bearing University of Chicago course numbers. Courses taken to complete a minor are counted toward electives. 

Summary of Minor Requirements

  • 2 Colonizations I-II-III, African Civilizations: Colonialism, Migration, Diaspora I-II-III, Introduction to Latin American Civilization I-II-III, Latin American Civilization in Oaxaca I-II-III, Introduction to African Civilization I-II & Colonizations III, Introduction to the Civilizations of South Asia I-II, Introduction to the Civilizations of East Asia I-II-III-IV, Jewish History and Society I-II-III
  • 4 courses in one specific area of focus (Africa past and present, African-American, Latina/o, Asian American, or Native American
  • 1 Comparative course

=5-7 courses (depending whether the civilization studies courses are taken for general education)