Faculty Research Activities

Faculty Mini-Conferences

Annually, the Center provides support to faculty affiliates to mount mini-conferences on topics related to their research interests. These small conferences are meant to bring together academics, policy-makers, students and community members from across the globe around specific issues with the hope of initiating important discussions and collaborative efforts that might be sustained over an extended period. 

Learn about current and upcoming faculty-driven conferences and projects here

Faculty Research Colloquium 

The CSRPC Faculty Colloquium is a forum for the Center’s Faculty Affiliates to share research-in-progress with colleagues across areas and fields who share an investment in scholarship that engages questions of race and ethnicity. Presentations may vary in terms of format and degree of formality, but presentations should ideally be of work-in-progress that could benefit from interdisciplinary feedback and discussion. This is an opportunity for Faculty Affiliates to directly engage with each other’s research and benefit from the Center’s position as the hub of cross-disciplinary dialogue and the incubator of innovative scholarship on race, politics, and culture.

The CSRPC Programming Committee invites presenters for the CSRPC Faculty Colloquium for Autumn 2019:

October 8th 12:30-1:50

November 5th 12:30-1:50 

November 19th 12:30-1:50 

All colloquia take place in CSRPC Room 103. Lunch will be provided. On behalf of the programming committee, Sali Mufwene, Tracye Matthews, Eve Ewing, and Adom Getachew (on leave),