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Mendel Kranz

Mendel Kranz, CSRPC Residential Fellow

Mendel Kranz is a Ph.D. Candidate in the University of Chicago Divinity School with an interest in Modern Jewish Thought, Postcolonial Studies, Continental Philosophy, and Critical Theory. His dissertation, "Jewish and Arab Entanglements in Postcolonial France," interrogates how Jewish marginalization and anti-Semitism intersect with the histories of colonialism and Islamophobia, beginning with the struggles for decolonization in the 1950s through the end of the century. He takes up a similar line of inquiry in his article, "Postcolonial Zionism: Theological-Political Paradigms in Levinas and Memmi," published in Hebrew Studies. He is a recipient of the Northwestern University Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship and the Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust Fellowship for research in France.