Congratulations to our 2016 CRES graduates!

Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies Graduating Majors 2016

Helena Bassett                    

"Mother Daughter Intimacy, Trauma Narratives, and White Fragility: A case study and archive of some attempts at repair"


Caressa Franklin               

"Echte Kanax (Real Kanax): Shifting the Ethnicity and Criminality of the Ambivalently Performed Kanak Identity in Current German Gangsta Rap"


Francesca Freeman            

"Never Again? Early Warning Signs of the Darfurian Genocide"


Jasmine Hebel                    

"Black in the Digital Age: Examining Stereotypes of Black Women on"


Jeanne Lieberman             

""'A Palace for the People':  Claiming Space through Expressive Culture in Chicago's South Shore Neighborhood"


Vincente Perez                    

"The Danger of Diversity: An Ethnographic Approach to Understanding Race and Class Privilege in Elite Institutions"


Bethany Robinson             

"Captured Constituency: How Electoral Capture Further Marginalizes African Americans"


Riena Yu                            

"Chinese Exclusion and Japanese Exclusion Laws: Effects on Perceptions of the U.S. and U.S. Foreign Relations"


Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies Graduating Minors 2016

Shubhra Murarka, English