Raul E. Moreno Campos on “The Rise of Authoritarian Neoliberalism under Donald Trump” | May 17, 2017

May 17, 2017
4.30pm - 6pm
CSRPC, 5733 S University Ave

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CRES Talks presents: Raul E. Moreno Campos on "Racial Capitalism, Populist Demagoguery, and the Rise of Authoritarian Neoliberalism under Donald Trump"

How to explain the rise of Donald Trump? Does his regime represent an anti-democratic turn in U.S. politics? This talk posits that the rise of Donald Trump is structurally rooted in the global economic crisis that onset in 2007-2008 and which was catalyzed by interrelated processes of de-industrialization and financialization that have accelerated since the 1950s. In turn, these processes created the fertile ideological terrain for the growth and dissemination of white nationalist populism that casts a racialized and historically marginalized sector of the working class, comprised in this historical moment primarily by Latinos and Black folk, as the cause of the crisis. Indeed, Trump's ability to mobilize white working class resentment against the racialized sectors of the industrial reserve army, blaming them for the loss of status and livelihood, not only allowed him to clench victory, but also to garner consent for the institutional and legal changes under his administration that signal the growth of an anti-democratic neoliberal state.

Raul E. Moreno Campos was born in San Salvador, El Salvador and lived there throughout the duration of the Salvadoran Civil Conflict (1980-1992). He settled in Los Angeles and attended public schools in the East San Fernando Valley. Moreno Campos holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from UCLA, where he has taught courses on race and politics in Latin America, Afro-American political thought, and inter-racial dynamics in U.S. society and culture. Prior to attending graduate school, Moreno Campos worked for MALDEF'S education department on projects related to equal access to education and empowerment in Latino communities. His fields of expertise include Afro American and Latin American Political Thought, Marxism, race relations in the United States, 20th century Latin American cultural and intellectual history, the politics of authoritarian regimes, and state-sponsored violence in the Americas. Moreno Campos is currently a Lecturer in Political Science and the University Experience Program at CSU Channel Islands.

This conversation is presented as part of the Spring 2017 course "Latino Politics," taught by Alfredo Gonzalez (PhD Candidate, Political Science).


This venue is physically accessible and has a gender-neutral restroom. Please contact the CSRPC at 773.702.8063 with any questions or accommodation requests.