Faculty Mini-Conferences + Programming


LGBTQ Studies Project and Artists’ Salon | Oct 2016 - Feb 2017
(organized by Professor Lauren Berlant)

Slavery and Visual Culture Working Group | Oct 2016 - May 2017
(organized by Professors Larissa Brewer-García, Cécile Fromont, and Agnes Lugo-Ortiz)

Racing the International | Nov 2016 - May 2017
(organized by Professor Adom Getachew)

CSGS Care@Chicago series | Feb 2017
(organized by Professor Lauren Berlant)

Grief as Resistance: Racialized State Violence and the Politics of Black Motherhood in the Americas | May 25, 2017
(organized by Professor Yanilda María González)



Marking Race, Making History: In honor of University of Chicago historian Thomas C. Holt | Apr 29-30, 2016
(organized by Professor Jonathan Levy)

Studying Race Relationally | May 12-13, 2016
(organized by Professor Ramón Gutiérrez)

Haiti Beyond Commemorations and Boundaries: New Perspectives | May 13-14, 2016
(organized by Professor Daniel Desormeaux)

African Religions in the Americas | May 20-22, 2016
(organized by Professor Curtis Evans)

Annually, the Center provides support to faculty affiliates to mount mini-conferences on topics related to their research interests. These small conferences are meant to bring together academics, policy-makers, students and community members from across the globe around specific issues with the hope of initiating important discussions and collaborative efforts that might be sustained over an extended period.