Meet the 2016-17 Artists-in-Residence

We are pleased to welcome Lauren Ash, Stephen Flemister, and YAW as our 2016-17 Artists-in-Residence.  Learn more about these Chicago-based practitioners here!  


Wtr Qtr 2017 | LGBTQ Studies Project + Artists’ Salon at the CSGS/CSRPC

The CSRPC is pleased to support the 2016-17 CSGS LGBTQ Studies Project + Artists' Salon--directed by CSRPC Faculty Affiliate Lauren Berlant--focusing on queer art as conceptual art that collects, disturbs and repairs our commonly held objects of intimacy and our expectations of critical argument. "Read more" for more information on the Jan 12 program featuring E. Patrick Johnson and the Feb 9 program featuing Joshua Chambers-Letson.  


Jan 18 | Racing the International: “From Bandung to Durban”

The Racing the International speaker series continues on Jan 17, 2017 with "From Bandung to Durban: Social Movements at the Threshold of the Global Color Line."  This conversation features Prudence Browne (UIC), Justin Hansford (St. Louis Univ Law), and Tianna Paschel (UC-Berkeley). 


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CSRPC Director Michael C. Dawson partners with SSRC for the “Reading Racial Conflict” series

With guidance from Michael Dawson and Megan Ming Francis of the Race and Capitalism project, the Social Science Research Council launches the Reading Racial Conflict series. Over the coming months, series contributors will read the present moment of racial tensions and demands for racial justice through classic texts in the political economy of race. Professor Dawson begins the series with a piece titled, "Then & Now: On Racial Capitalism and Racial Conflict."

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Introducing the “New Dawn” podcast!

The New Dawn podcast is an initiative of the Race and Capitalism project.  This project is led by CSRPC Faculty Director and Professor of Political Science Michael C. Dawson.  Listen to Episode One today!

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For Immediate Release | Pozen Center Launches Chicago Torture Archive

Oct 10, 2016 - The Pozen Family Center for Human Rights at the University of Chicago announces a new online archive hosting nearly 10,000 documents collected by the People’s Law Office related to the interrogations, criminal trials, civil rights litigation, journalism, and activism stemming from the so-called Chicago Police torture cases. The Chicago Torture Archive will be maintained as an open, free resource for students, teachers, human rights researchers, and the general public.  The archive can be found at

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Dec 2 | CSRPC Faculty Affiliate Craig Futterman examines police sergeant’s conduct history

"It’s not the number of complaints that are especially noteworthy, but the details that suggest problems, according to University of Chicago law professor Craig Futterman, who studies the Chicago Police Department’s accountability and discipline practices."

Nov 18 |  Sanctuary Cities: An Explainer on WBEZ’s “Morning Shift”

"Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel speaks at a news conference on Nov. 14, 2016, in Chicago. Emanuel said the outcome of the U.S. presidential election will not impact Chicago's commitment as a sanctuary city for immigrants.  We take a step back to explain what a sanctuary city is, what Chicago’s policies currently are, and how plausible the President-elect’s threats are with Angela Garcia, a professor of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago."

Oct 28 | Assoc. Prof. Micere Keels discusses role of graduation rates in college applications

"I have spent the past three years tracking more than 500 black and Latino students across their first three years of college to better understand the factors that could increase their likelihood of degree attainment. Over the course of this work, one question kept coming to mind: How did so many of them arrive on a campus having thought so little about why go to college -- and why that college in particular?"  Read more in Inside Higher Ed.

Oct 24 | Q&A with Prof. Kerwin Charles on surprises, data and evidence-driven policymaking

The Interim Dean and CSRPC Faculty Affiliate discusses research and the future of Harris Public Policy.

Oct 17 | CSRPC Faculty Affiliate Theaster Gates interviews artist Kerry James Marshall

For its special edition, T, the New York Times Magazine, celebrates people who are redefining our culture -- and commissioned artists to capture them, and a little bit about their work.  Watch this conversation unfold between Chicago-based artist Kerry James Marshall and CSRPC Faculty Affiliate Theaster Gates (Visual Arts).  

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