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How to Make A Hood

"How to Make a Hood" unfolds a wide canon of sterotypes that foster misconceptions as they relate to black bodies and their environments  | August 1 - October 10, 2014


Testimony - Exhibition | July 9 to August 30, 2014

Exhibition July 9 - August 30 | Opening Reception Wed, July 9, 6pm | Logan Center Gallery and Logan Center Courtyard


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Robin D.G. Kelley on Palestine: ‘A Level of Racist Violence I’ve Never Seen’

Back in 2012, UCLA professor and public intellectual Robin D.G. Kelley did an interview with Mondoweiss, a website devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East, about his experience as part of a U.S. delegation to Palestine.

Click here for the story by Jamilah King.


From colorlines.com.

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