Beyond Prisons

Beyond Prisons, a project of the Center for the Study of Race, Politics & Culture at the University of Chicago, is a teaching and learning initiative that interrogates, disrupts, and works toward moving beyond carceral logics and systems. The project engages and connects students, faculty, and community in work addressing the social injustices caused by mass incarceration alongside opportunities to support education inside prisons. Our team of students, staff and community members work towards expanding the opportunities for teaching and learning with those who are justice system-impacted.


Our initiatives include:

Student Internships and Fellowships

Community Fellowships

  • Justice Practitioner Fellowship
  • Artist for the People Practitioner Fellowship
  • Community Internship

Mass Incarceration Working Group

Prison education initiatives in partnership with the Prison+Neighborhood Arts/Education Project (PNAP)

  • Mixed enrollment courses
  • Collaborations with PNAP’s Justice, Politics and Culture Think Tank
  • Research support team for incarcerated scholars led by UChicago students


Our Team:

Alice Kim, Director of Practice

Audrey Catalano, Program Coordinator

Taji Chesimet, Student Program Coordinator

Neomi Rao, Graduate Fellow

Brianna Suslovic, Graduate Fellow

James "Jimmy" Soto, 2024 Justice Practitioner Fellow

Michael Bell, 2023-2024 Reimaging the University Intern