Graduate Teaching Opportunities

2022-2023 CRES Graduate Lectureships

Application Deadline has passed 

CSRPC invites graduate students from any department to apply to teach a self-designed course on the topic of race/ethnicity. Please note that you will be required to upload your own detailed course syllabus along with your application. You may submit multiple course proposals/syllabi along with your application. Interdisciplinary courses are welcome. Courses may be at the introductory or advanced level.

The CRES curriculum explores the historical, economic, political, social and cultural experiences and relations of peoples who have been and continue to be racialised in various ways, across local and global contexts. Courses in CRES attend to the histories, legacies, and enduring material conditions of enslavement, settler colonialism, imperialism, empire, occupation, internment, migration, militarism, incarceration, labour, Indigeneity, diaspora, emancipation, anti-colonialism, abolition, and other community-oriented and collective national and transnational movements for liberation. 

Eligibility:  Advanced graduate students (Ph.D. candidates with at least one chapter of the dissertation written) in any discipline at the University of Chicago are encouraged to apply. First, please check with your department to verify if you are eligible to teach outside of the department. If you are approved, you will be asked to provide the name and email address of the person who can confirm this information in your department. Pending departmental approval, teaching with CRES may count towards your PTP/MTE. 

Compensation:  If you matriculated before 2016 you are not eligible to lecture if you have completed your GAI points. If you matriculated Aut. 2016 or later you must check with your department about your eligibility to teach a course. As this would be considered part of your PTP/MTE, there will be no additional compensation.