Projects-in-Residence @ the CSRPC

The Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture (CSRPC) at the University of Chicago is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to promoting engaged scholarship and debate around the topics of race and ethnicity. From its inception, faculty, students, and staff who have been involved with the Center have been committed to establishing a new type of research institute devoted to the study of race and ethnicity, one that seeks to expand the study of race beyond the black/white paradigm while exploring social and identity cleavages within racialized communities. Scholars affiliated with the Center have also endeavored to make race and ethnicity central topics of intellectual investigation at the University of Chicago by fostering interdisciplinary research, teaching, and public debate among students and faculty. Fundamentally, the Center is committed to producing engaged scholarship that rejects the false dichotomy between rigorous intellectual work and community activism. We seek, instead, to contribute intellectually challenging and innovative scholarship that can help people transform their thinking and their lives. Towards those goals, the Center has provided funding and other types of support for a number of projects initiated by faculty affiliated with the Center, graduate students, and visiting fellows. Each of the projects highlighted below features its own events, workshops and seminars, which continue to bring together those with common interests who help further our mission.

We are pleased to provide space and intellectual support to the following faculty-led projects: 

The Black Youth Project examines the attitudes, resources, and culture of the young, urban black millennial, exploring how these factors and others influence their decision-making, norms, and behavior in critical domains such as sex, health, and politics. 


The Race and Capitalism project is a multi-institution collaboration that seeks to reinvigorate, strengthen and deepen scholars on how processes of racialization within the U.S. shaped capitalist society and economy, and how capitalism has simultaneously shaped processes of racialization.


The New Dawn podcast is an initiative of the Race and Capitalism project. 

The South Side Home Movie Project is an archival and research initiative to collect, preserve and exhibit amateur films from Chicago’s South Side. 


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