RL Watson

RL Watson, CSRPC Dissertation Fellow; Ph.D. Candidate, Divinity School

CSRPC Dissertation Fellow; Ph.D. Candidate, Divinity School

RL Watson, proud native of New Jersey, is an alumna of Yale University, where she earned a B.A. in Film Studies and Theatre Studies in 2003. After graduation, she lived and worked in New York City as an assistant producer at ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, working on television commercials for American Express until 2007, when she returned to Yale to begin her graduate studies. Watson received a Master’s in Hebrew Bible summa cum laude from Yale Divinity School in 2010, and that fall, she and Leviticus the big black dog arrived in Chicago.

Watson is now in her final year of doctoral study in religion and literature at The University of Chicago, and is currently completing her dissertation, titled Children of Darkness, Children of the Mask: An Exploration of the Moral Effects of Metaphors of Darkness on the Representational Lives of Black Americans, which has as its focus the doubled problem of darkness: i.e., as the darkness of sin and the darkness of the skin.

She is also the author of the poemcast website agoodboat.com, which gets its name from the boat to which Philis Wheatley (in)famously refers in her On Being Brought From Africa to America.

Watson currently lives in Chicago with her plants, her thin pens, and Grover “Sugar Foot” Watson, dear Levi’s little brother.