Anaga Dalal

Anaga Dalal, Assistant Director, Communications

Anaga Dalal is Assistant Director, Communications, at CSRPC. She was previously a Strategic Communications Specialist at the Health & Medicine Policy Research Group where she spearheaded the organization’s social media, press, and marketing outreach.  


Anaga, who moved to the Chicago area in August 2019, spent the majority of her professional career in New York. Following her time as an intern for The Nation Magazine, Anaga began her career as an Associate Editor at Ms. Magazine, focusing on women’s organizing worldwide and international news.  


She was most recently an Editor for MDRC, a social policy research organization. She also served for almost a decade as a communications consultant for the United Nations Development Programme.  


In New York, Anaga has worked as Head of Information and Communications for the Coalition for the International Criminal Court where she crafted and implemented a strategic communications plan that revamped print, digital, social, and media outreach for the secretariat of a global advocacy organization with more than 2,500 partner non-governmental organizations around the world.  


In addition, Anaga served as Managing Editor of the Center for Reproductive Rights where she advanced messaging that reproductive and women’s rights are human rights. She helped to shape a report that exposed the forced sterilization of Roma women by the Government of Slovakia, eventually leading to a change in the law and protections for the minority population.  


Throughout her career, Anaga has worked at the intersection of policy analysis, human rights advocacy and journalism, with a focus on the crosscutting issues of gender, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. She has specialized in reshaping communications materials and strategies to highlight clear and effective messages that resonate with funders, policymakers and practitioners from the grassroots to the grass tops. 


Anaga was born in India and came to the United States when she was 1 ½ years old, moving throughout the South—with one year in Trinidad & Tobago. She and her family were featured in front page stories highlighting their arrival as the first Indian family in small towns in North Carolina and Nebraska. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Barnard College and worked towards her Master of Arts in Comparative Literature at Columbia. 


Anaga now lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Her daughter will be starting high school in the fall and her son just completed his first year as an undergraduate Biology major at the University of Chicago.