Camille Morgan

Camille Morgan, Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Camille Morgan is a fashion historian, curator, and non-profit administrator. Her
multi-faceted career stems from her background in Fashion Business (Bachelor
of Science, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio) and studies in Museums and
Galleries: History of Textiles and Dress (Master of Arts, University of
Southampton, United Kingdom). In her practice, she considers fashion objects
through theory, race, gender, economics, and phenomenology.
Her past exhibits include: Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty, Versailles ’73: An American
Sportswear Tradition is Born, Dreams in Jay-Z Minor: New works from Amanda
Williams and Krista Franklin, Black Gossamer, S/He Loves Me, and Layer Cake:
Tales from a Quinceañera. In 2013, Camille joined Columbia’s adjunct faculty in
Fashion Studies to develop a fashion/material culture curatorial practicum
course. And in 2014 she accepted the position of Exhibitions Curatorial
Coordinator for the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts at The University
of Chicago.

2014 also brought her to the Milwaukee Art Museum where she acted as Guest
Curator for Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair, the successful
traveling exhibit originating from the Chicago History Museum. The exhibit that
opened in February 2015 not only showcased dazzling haute couture, but also
presented fashion as a tool used to empower women of color during the late 20th

Upon leaving The University of Chicago in 2016 to explore the luxury fashion
marketplace, she is back in 2017 as Program Coordinator with the Center for the
Study of Race, Politics, and Culture.

At home, her life consists of her cat Yumyums, her newish husband, and very
new, very cute baby. In her free time she enjoys eating cake, watching horror
films, K-dramas, and can be often heard humming the theme song to Law &
Order (original series) because it is so awesome. She hails from Flossmoor, IL,
a pretty bedroom village in the south suburbs of Chicago.